Saturday, January 5, 2008

The First Post

Hello, my name is Truth Esguerra and this is my blog titled the "Sword of Truth." The reason why I started a new blog is because it one of my new year's resolutions this year. I promised myself to maintain a healthy habit of blogging. I'm planning on making this blog a lot more special than the other blogs I created in the past. This blog will not be used for a class assignement unlike my other blogs, Truth-Hurts and Honestyfirst. Also, this blog will be a lot more professional compared to my high school blog, Sinus_Infection. I will use all of the knowledged I learned from college to put together blog that I can be proud off. In the blog, I'm planning on uploading videos and pictures I've created. Also, I blog some of the events and thought that are going throught my mind. All of that starts with this post. So, may this be the first of many successful posts. With me luck.

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