Monday, January 28, 2008

Kikkoman Commercial

I'm addicted to videos on Youtube. I would spend countless hours on youtube watchng funny videos. With the writers strikes and the sudden decrease of quality TV shows, I find myself going to the internet more often than watching TV. The only things I would watch on TV nowadays would be the typical Warriors games and Sports Center on ESPN. Also, I would occasionally flip through Animal Planet. ( What Can I say? I love animals.)
With the lack of quality shows, I would go on youtube to fulfill my entertainment needs. I learned about this old video back in High School. My friend Elwin, who considers Kikkoman to be his super hero, told about it. Hilarious.

The end of the Video is one of the funniest moments I had ever seen. Silly Japanese people.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Typical Blog Stuff

Life Update

This is the last weekend of my winter vacation. It was pretty decent vacation. I was able to have a late Christmas party with my friends, though a couple people didn't show up. Also, I hung out with Sarah a lot more. I got to spend some quality time her. We were able to shop around different malls, looking for different Old Navys. She wanted to take advantage of the massive sale. I just love it when she is shops because it puts her mind at ease. It makes her happy and that makes me happy. I still see Jeff and Steven over the weekend and try beat video games. We are currently playing Silent Hill 2 a scary video game for the Playstation 2.Too bad Steven and Jeff are big wusses. We can't even beat the first part of the game. Overall, I enjoyed this vacation. It was a good break from school and the newspaper. It gave me a chance to gain my sanity again. Though I am tired of school, I am pretty excited to see my friends from the newspaper again. We will see happens this school semester.

Video of the Week

Flea Market Rap

I first heard about this funny commericial from my church friend Travis. I consider this video to be a classic. This Flea Market Commercial is one of funniest commericials I had ever came across. Also, Sammy Stephens face and dance steps are priceless. Too funny.

Video Game of the Week

I got this game from Sarah last year but I recently started playing it this week. It is a great game for beginners to the DDR franchise. After playing for a couple of hours this week, I was able learn the flow of the game and beat normal difficulty. ( I stink at DDR) I was also able to unlock all the songs in the game. It's a pretty entertaining game. The game soundtrack is a remix of classic Mario songs. I played it everyday this week. One of the best parts of the game that is the calorie calculations. Since I am big-boned, this game is a great way to shed a couple of calorie while having fun at the same time. Good thing Sarah bought this game at a good price. Check out the price if this game at Amazon.

Song of the Week

Gold Watch by Lupe Fiasco
This is a very underrated song by Lupe. In this song, Lupe talks about all stuff he enjoys and he is not affraid to say he is a nerd. The reason why this song is song of the week was because it made me realize that rappers can not only be superstars but they can also be share similar interest with common people.
I like Street Fighter 2, I just really hate Zangief /
Only Ken and Ryu, I find it hard to beat Blanka /
With this quote, Lupe just confirmed that he is a Street Fighter head.

Alright, thats enough for now.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to Do This

It's a new year and it is time to establish some possible goals for myself.


1. Stay Out of debt.

After buying some designer stuff, a Chanel handbag, Chanel shades, and a Gucci bag, for the wifey, I'm pretty much broke. I've been in debt for the whole time last year. For those who had been in debt before, which is pretty much most Americans, it's a big burden. It's a pain knowing that each pay check you receive goes directly to the credit card. I don't want to have that feeling no more. I've estimated that I will be able to become debt free by at least mid-February. After Valentines, I should be debt free for awhile. I'll do my best to keep it that way.

2. Start the Curb online series.

Last summer, I was able to get a good amount of footage of me and my friends. I am planning on posting these videos on Youtube, hopefully becoming a big hit. I'm still deciding whether these videos would be edited.

3. Get maintain a good relationship with KSJS and the Spartan Daily.

With already a semester in the San Jose State Newspaper, I plan on maintaining a good relationship with them. I'm still debating whether I should join the newspaper team again. Also, since I spent most of my effort at the newspaper, I lost some trust from the radio station. I'll do my best this year to regain their trust.

4. Do well in school.

Now that I am in the middle of my Junior year in college, the classes has become more difficult. I will learn this year to get my priorities settled and put my school work near the top of the list.

5. Keep the Wifey happy.

After almost losing her last year, I will do best to spend more time with her and keep her happy.

That's all for now. I might add more goals later on during the year but this list will do for now.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The First Post

Hello, my name is Truth Esguerra and this is my blog titled the "Sword of Truth." The reason why I started a new blog is because it one of my new year's resolutions this year. I promised myself to maintain a healthy habit of blogging. I'm planning on making this blog a lot more special than the other blogs I created in the past. This blog will not be used for a class assignement unlike my other blogs, Truth-Hurts and Honestyfirst. Also, this blog will be a lot more professional compared to my high school blog, Sinus_Infection. I will use all of the knowledged I learned from college to put together blog that I can be proud off. In the blog, I'm planning on uploading videos and pictures I've created. Also, I blog some of the events and thought that are going throught my mind. All of that starts with this post. So, may this be the first of many successful posts. With me luck.