Friday, February 22, 2008

Remember the Times

As I was doing my daily online stuff, Youtube, Myspace, and Friendster (that's right), I came across my old xanga. Dude, this thing is soo old. I started this blog during my High School Junior year, I believe. Boy did it bring back memories. Nostalgic memories of Golfland, Curb Basket Ball, classic AIM chats, and even my exgirlfriend online girlfriend, Jenny Marges. It's hecka funny reading these things. It reminded me how fun the good ol days was and also how stupid me and my friends were. This blog captured the Summer of 2003. It brought back memories I forgot during the years. This is a piece of history. I bet in the coming years, I'll forget exactly what happens during the next coming months. My old blog now inspires me to blog as much as I can now.

You gotta read the beginning of this blog. You can see how my blogging skills has blossomed. You can also see my experiences as a High School student at the time.

I've also started blogging on Me and Sarah's Xanga.

Blogs are definantly the future of Journalism

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ED said...

Wow, you've been blogging for that long?