Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Boy is Growing Up

It wasn't that long ago when I let my friend, Jeff, borrow my Sage Francis and Atmosphere albums. Now, my boy is making his own beats and writing his own lyrics. You got to check out his latest stuff.

My Wii Official Music Video

This is Jeff's first video. WOW 17,000 views. Heck, their videos were even posted on German TV. Though it has a lot funny sexual references, still has tons of comedic values. The video was directed by Art.

Mario Official Music Video

This is the first video of Jeff's group Level-Ups. What more can I say, it was well done. My boy is growing up lyrically. This video was also directed by Art.

Check Out all of Art's Videos on Youtube.

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ED said...

I didn't know you knew so many talented people.