Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ana Julaton Open-Workout

Ana Julaton fights her idol on Sept. 12

Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton is set to be ready for her IBA Super Bantamweight World Title Fight against boxing veteran Kelsey “Road Warrior” Jeffries at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, on September 12.

Julaton (4-1-1), who is planning to bounce back after losing by split decision to Dominga Olivo back in August of last year, got her first ever main event fight with Jeffries (41-9-1) after the match between her and Melissa Hernandez failed to go through.

“I’ve never expected it to come out like this,” said Julaton, who happened to be a fan of Jeffries. “I’m still trying to digest the whole thing.”

Despite the respect for Jefferies, Julaton is confident she can win the fight and claim the title belt.

Arvin Jugarap, the chief executive officer at the Kennel Boxing Gym and co-trainer of Julaton, said they are taking the match seriously.

“We’re not taking her (Jefferies) lightly at all,” said Jugarap, who trains Julaton along with his uncle Nonito Donaire Sr.

Julaton started working out with Jugarap and Donaire at the Kennel Boxing Gym in San Leandro four months ago after training at the Wild Card Gym with Freddie Roach, Manny Paquiao’s trainer.

Upon her arrival at the gym, Julaton had to quickly learn the “Donaire System”, a “more tactical”, “elusive”, in and out fighting style that focuses more on hard punching than the previous styles she experienced Jugarap said.

“I love the fact that she’s been able to adapt to our style,” he said. “She is a quick learner.”

Jugarap said Julaton works out twice a day to come prepared for her 10-round fight against Jeffries.

“I push her as hard as I push the guys,” he said about Julaton’s training.

During her public workout at the Kennel Boxing Gym on August 28, Julaton had a 10-round sparring workout with three opponents, including four rounds with male boxer while only taking short 30 second breaks between each round.

“I told her when she comes in this gym, she is not a girl; she’s a fighter,” said Jugarap. “That is why I have her sparring with guys.”

He said he is glad that she does not complain because he pushes her too hard.

“I’m happy of how she is coming along,” he said.

Jc Enerio, Julaton’s male sparring partner during the open workout, complimented her power, combinations, speed, and toughness.

“I hit her with a couple of good shots; she’s taken them,” he said. “She did great.”

Enerio, who sparred with Julaton for roughly three months, noted that she has gotten stronger.

Tatiana Almaraz, Julaton’s other sparring partner during the open workout, said she also felt Julaton’s power.

“She is getting stronger and stronger,” she said. “I can feel her power; she is getting a lot better and faster.”

Jugarap was also impressed with Julaton’s performance during the open workout.

“She used a lot of her reach,” he said. “She was really looking for her openings.”

Jugarap said he is not worried about Julaton’s punching ability during her fight against Jeffries.

He mentioned that they are currently strengthening her legs so she can have better foot work and mobility during the fight.

“At Kennel Boxing, I feel fortunate that they treat me more like a fighter and not a girl,” Julaton said.

Julaton said she is going to be physically and mentally prepared for her upcoming fight.

She said that she is excited for the match because this is the first time all her relatives will come and watch her fight.

Julaton, a Daly City native and a teacher at Westwind karate schools in Berkeley, said she was inspired by Pacquiao and has been very proud to be Filipino.

She said she plans to go to the Philippines one day and help the nation’s boxing program there.

“We’d love to have all the fans in the bay come out, especially the female fans,” Jugarap said about Julaton’s upcoming main event title fight. “We will definitely be ready September 12.”

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