Friday, May 30, 2008

Fanime 2008 Stuff

I may not be a big anime fan or go to these events but these skits are totally great.

Marvel Vs Capcom
performed by Maximum Pwnage

Overall an entertaining performance. Hilarious script.

Memorable Moments

Oh, a tentacle monster. This will be fun.
Venom: We'll see you at the Hentai ring.

Sakura: Hey Fanboys.

Captain Commando: You are suppose to be with us on team Capcom. ( points to M. Bison)
M. Bison: Apparently, now I'm on team Bad Movie.
Spiderman: But my last movie was great. Wasn't it?

Spiderman: Hit my music. (snaps fingers)
All characters begin to dance. After the dance sequence, Spiderman orders his team to sneak attack the other team.
Spiderman: Now!
Bison, Venom and Spiderman ambushes other team.
Spiderman: Thought it was going to be another fanime dance-off huh? Works every time. (Wags finger)

M. Bison: Psycho Crusher!!!

Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut (bleep).

Pokemon Chaos

Overall, a decent dance performance. It's just a group dancing the para para dance with low tier Pokemon in the back.

Memorable Moment

-Check out the Chimchar dancing in the back. Straight MACK!!!!

-The Chimchar tries to break dance. (1:43)

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