Saturday, April 19, 2008

Classic Mario Video

This video has the funniest commentary I had ever heard.

Memorable Quotables

  • "F*ck You Blooper."
  • "Koopa, You are a cock sucker."
  • "This is f*cking worse than panic at the disco."
  • "See, this time it wasn't on there. Like a c*nt."
  • "This is f*cking worse than reading Youtube comments."
  • "Your breaking my balls Mario."
  • "I give you that Mario. You find new ways to die."


Anonymous said...

truth add me on wii alreadyy so i'm registered to you and i can send u messages and stufff cus im still not ur wii friend!! "now they got white kids callin them selves iggins"

Anonymous said...

i did ahha it's on the card it self on the top where the numbers are. thats my friends code for pokemon

Anonymous said... make poems truth

ED said...

Lol w blue sky lives!